• unique generated content for alt tags etc
  • canonical url
  • open graph metatags
  • fast response time (0,2 s)
  • rel next en prev
  • W3C validated
  • xml sitemap(gz)
  • dynamic articles based on templates
  • responsive, optimized for mobile
  • link cloaking when necessary
  • related products
  • rich snippets (microdata)
  • use own server (use unique ip address)
  • clean URLs
  • fresh content automatically

Automatic product management

  • keeps the products on the site in sync with your main store
  • add new products based on categories or keywords
  • create categorie structure automatically
  • create tags
  • create and manage products
  • link to your main shop or payment provider

Article import

  • automatically find articles based on your own regex rules within sites and feeds
  • smart tag generation for keyword matching. This is used for related articles on product detail pages
  • add your own articles with the backend tool to manage all your satellite sites
  • automatically strip words


  • link cloaking
  • static files
  • hacker prevention by blacklist
  • no thirth party elements


  • share buttons for all major social networks
  • generates tweets en post automatic.( you must authorize before sending)
  • follow/ unfollow program